A new international company name: we are now Akatools!

akatools akatire kipinaporaus lankasahaus tyokaluvalmistus

We have adopted the new marketing name Akatools, but in official contexts and postal addresses the name Akaan Työvälinepalvelu Oy remains. The new name helps us develop international relationships and reach new customer groups. In connection with the name change, the operating section within our company focusing on the tyre industry was also renamed Akatire, which better describes its operations outside Finland.

The name change is intended to highlight and modernise the company’s brand to stand out against competition and to expand and enhance our services in industries using precision tooling. Akatools is a simplified translation of our official name, but it’s easier to remember and pronounce. Along with the new name, we also updated our graphic look and published our new website at www.akatools.fi. Our email addresses will change to the format firstname.lastname@akatools.fi. In addition, we use the address sales@akatools.fi for international sales.