Our investment in international trade has yielded results


Our strategy for 2019 was to develop our specialization in the tire industry and expand our export operations. The Tire Fair in Hanover was a successful first appearance with international clients. We succeeded in building trust, which resulted in deliveries to three continents during the year and a first order for a fourth.

One of the competitive factors was the patented Akatire process for making wire guides for manufacturing steel belts. Our strength in wire guides is the durability, accuracy and delivery time of the parts.

In 2020, we will continue to fulfil our ambition to become one of the best manufacturers of the preformers in the world. Our unique manufacturing method in preformers enables our customers to increase production efficiency and improve the quality of the end product. In addition, the serviceability of our preformers are dramatically easier compared to the traditional preformers.

We operate according to a quality certificate, serving all our customers responsibly and reliably.