Certified activities 9001 and 14001


Certification is an excellent tool for business development and corporate risk management. We have been operating according to the quality system 9001 and the environmental system 14001, but at the request of international customers we have now updated and certified these systems.

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Summary of certification, its steps and how it works

At the end of January 2020, AKAtools’ quality and environmental management system was certified after three month’s development project.
During this time, the entire company focused on looking
with new eyes and to develop their practices to be better, more efficient and environmentally friendly.

What impact does it have on production, employee input and customer relationships?

The improvements made were visible up to the production level, and the renewal of the systems created an excellent opportunity to make employees’ voices heard better. The staff was actively involved in making improvements and promoting the project on their own self-initiative. The upgraded systems improved both internal and external communications, and increasingly focused on customer satisfaction and the production of quality products.

What certification does a company need, are there any noticeable changes practice?

The work really yielded results. Although joint development meetings and solutions to emerging challenges all require time and energy, the positive outcome of the work rewarded the effort. The system reform streamlined and standardized the way the company operated and helped to bring all the pieces of the business into place. Certifications that demonstrate AKAtools’ systems meet all the quality and environmental requirements set by the standards have raised the professional pride and responsibility of all staff. They also contribute to the goal to produce to the customers only the best possible products and services.

Training, new procurement?

The upgraded systems will be followed by the purchase of a five-axis machine, which will bring new inspiring challenges and opportunities. With the arrival of the new machine, there will also be further reinforce the skills of workers with the necessary training.

2020 is going to be a really exciting year for AKAtools!