Akatire - High quality manufacturing equipment for the tyre industry



We specialise in manufacturing high quality extruder preformers for the tyre industry according to customer’s
drawings but we modify them to suit our manufacturing method. With our versatile machinery and skilled staff ensures that each tool we make is functional and of a high quality.

We work with “one workpiece method” which means that all details are manufactured to one solid block.
There are no leakages between the different elements or channels.
One solid block means also that there is less bending between different channels.

We are able to undertake wire cutting at up to a 60-degree cone angle, which makes it possible to produce
challenging preformers from one workpiece. With wire cutting technic, we are able to execute advanced shapes.
The EDM drill allows even the smallest starting holes to be made for the wire cutting. In this way, very small channels can be produced if necessary.

Because all the channels are made with wire cutting, these holes are conical. This means less turbulence in channels i.e. less rubber sticking on surfaces i.e. less cladding and therefore we get longer operation cycles. After the operation it is easy to do maintenance, let the preformer to cool down to vulcanization and you can take the rubber piece out from the channel as one piece.

We are not focused on certain brands. All manufacturers are equally important to us – we provide our services with strong know-how to every client.

Innovative manufacturing – two are one

Wire Guides for Steel Belt production

We have a patented method of manufacturing dimensional wire guide parts for steel belt manufacturing.
This new manufacturing method enables all hole sizes to be produced and the holes to be coated, which increases the life cycle of the guide. And it is not necessary to be a round hole, other figures are also possible.

Our production method, wire cutting, is famous for it’s accuracy. It secures that all holes are well oriented and straight. Tolerances are made accordingly to the tolerances of the wires. The parallel, well-tolerated holes are also a strong basis for precise belt optimization.
Our production method’s accuracy enables to design very small caps between the holes. Even over 200 wires are possible to the 8” steel belts.

We also manufacture parts related to wire guide die, such as wire guide holders and throats.
As a material we use a durable Toolox 33,which is nitrated and provides a durable, slippery surface. Nitration provides a hard surface of 0.1-0.4 mm thickness, which improves the abrasion resistance of the surface, reduces friction and gives better fatigue strength.

Other parts needed by the tire industry are also included in our range.

From stock

In order to serve our key customers as effectively as possible, we store
various semi-finished products in our own facilities. Storing semi-finished products gives us an opportunity to deliver parts even with a tight schedule. This enables the customer to continue their production uninterrupted, without long waiting times for spare parts.