We will streamline the production process with the new OKUMA Vertical Machining Center

Supported by our profitable growth and good customer feedback, we are investing in the new OKUMA GENOS M460V-5AX Machining Center. The machine offers efficient process-based machining, with additional precision options. The fast and powerful spindle table allows for 5-axis machining and multi-sided machining of complex shapes with a single attachment. The table is supported at both ends to maintain stability even under harsh machining conditions. Its solid double-column structure provides extremely high accuracy when the frame is free and deformations due to shaft movements.

The machining center is ideally suited for molds and castings and has been specifically designed to produce demanding precision parts. Strong double-column design, full 5-axis simultaneous control and thermal stability performance give it the ability to easily cut a variety of materials.

– 400 mm round table
– max. piece size 600 x 400 mm